Work to Thrive

Innovation and growth became some of the most desirable organisational outcomes yet those who are in charge of moving forward rarely feel part of the process. It is reported that worldwide, workplace engagement is as low as 13%, and believe it or not, the causes are psychological in nature.

Consider the following scenario:

Your team is dealing with poor communication and for some reason most employees feel as if their views do not matter. So why bother to take the initiative?
Projects are delivered under poor conditions as most experience no recognition for their work. It is believed that along the management hierarchy something goes terribly wrong but there is not too much that can be done.
The team morale drops, and with it the creativity and enthusiasm required for delivering quality services. Employees don’t know what to expect, they feel uncertain about their jobs and for some reason distress becomes a silent killer, as mental health becomes a delicate subject and it’s safer not to talk about it.

You might be in charge of managing your team, wishing that everyone felt happy at work, including yourself. Or on the other hand, you might have had enough of poor management and wish you could break the silence.

Take a step forward – here is how:

  • Create a safe and predictable environment where everyone feels valued
  • Tailor your processes for promoting a healthy frame of mind.
  • Stimulate authentic interactions for driving innovation and growth.


Course details:

Duration: 2 hours

How to apply:

As an individual: Open courses can be booked using the Eventbrite links provided below, based on your location.

London (29.01.2019)

As an organisation: this course can be provided on demand, at your own premises or externally, as an intensive one-day workshop, for both small and large organisations. Please contact me directly if you would like to arrange a training procedure suitable for your team.