Is consciousness not enough?

Nature evolved through a harmonious cycle of experience. We obey the rules of evolution unknowingly, yet being in charge of our own development feels like a better option. Is consciousness not enough and do we really need the will for moving forward?

schematic of channeling brains

Being a part of both worlds

The outside world wants you to be a part of it. Is sending meaningful hints through your senses, messages for your mind to understand. Everything seems to be synchronised, but how does it all make sense for your development?

The world within is a world of notions, binding together, creating our mind. A tacit neural structure activated in the unconscious. It’s main role is to empower self-directed choices while consciousness spreads vital roots between our senses.

How else could you feel in charge of your own development?

Agency is the only reason for the power of will to take over the inner world. By now you should know that a lack of initiative will not bring you closer to an authentic, or ideal self. This way, you may value the comfort, and self-acceptance in times of peace, but at the same time, you can learn to grow, and fight for a good reason.

Why the fight??

Self-fulfillment : Are you good enough?

man boxing in the shadowsProcrastination, denial or self-harm, are some of the behaviours by which you might tell yourself: “I am not good enough”. The truth is, no one knows it apart from you. So why should you let it show?

“I trust you more than you trust yourself: you are always perfectly fit to get better.” A personal slogan I rely on when welcoming every client. This helps to stay committed while doing your best, expecting better things to come.

Affirmation: you need to show them what you’ve got.

Social acceptance is one of the core human needs, but this comes at a cost. For a sensitive mind, social pressure leads to self-doubt. There is nothing more destructive than believing that you are worthless.

Act with integrity. This is one of the most precious human values. The standards that really matter are the ones you may find within yourself. Following your moral values will guarantee a life lived with purpose, where intrinsic motivations can set the right pace for you to grow.

Meaning-making: you can’t do something meaningful for yourself.

When was it the last time you did something meaningful? Is it worth asking? Life feels so discontinued at times, and is marked by sudden events which somehow craft a personal narrative. It is so unusual to look back and see the gaps, forgetting what lies in between.

Our memory needs to stay consistent with the views we hold about ourselves. If you see yourself as being someone strong, then you can expect to do your best. Ideally, others should notice your efforts and feel good as a result, At which point you can be proud of living a meaningful life.

Happiness: you don’t feel good about your ways of coping.

Happiness is not a pool of positivity but you may see it as being a personal equation, which helps you end up content and peaceful at the end of the day. Pleasure is what we seek, and knowing that the brain enjoys dopamine doesn’t mean that medicine will always do the trick. It has been shown that psychoactive medication such as L-dopa may help value the most rewarding opportunities for life engagement and so increase the likelihood of taking action. Still, there are other options to consider. Use your imagination, create more variety or join a Mindset Lab to find more clues for the way happiness can flourish in your life.

What are your options?

  • Accept yourself or deny your true nature.
  • Create for yourself or work on someone else’s creations.
  • Learn from experience or keep making the same mistakes again and again.
  • Take action or just wait for things to happen on their own.

You are, in the here and now. Know yourself, accept yourself, do what’s best for you to grow. There is no greater gift to the human mind than the fact of knowing that you can always rely on who you are to become whoever you want to be.

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