Research Coaching

When starting a research program from scratch, you might feel as if everything has been researched already. There is not to much support available for you to polish your ideas and when it comes to your personal development as a professional, a research topic in line with your aspirations could help you build a more fulfilling career.

If not planned carefully, research can easily become irrelevant, demanding and may not provide much benefits if the design does not follow a rigorous scientific approach. Being trained at a postgraduate level in both qualitative and quantitative research, I have had the chance to work with students, academics and organisations for more than 5 years, developing meaningful designs and impactful solutions.
I graduated with an Master’s Degree in clinical psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, a MA in Human resources and a bachelor both in psychology and education sciences. I can support you in creating meaningful designs and translate your research findings into practical solutions.

Here are some of the research topics I approached so far:

  • Aggression in animal behaviour.
  • Constraints and dedication in marital relationships.
  • Impact of stress on organisational decision-making.
  • The need for feedback in the educational coaching context.
  • Managing the doctor-patient relationship in healthcare institutions.
  • The implications of cognitive processing and emotional reactivity for managing the pain response.

Research coaching can be useful for developing undergraduate and postgraduate papers and dissertations, accessing scholarships and grant applications.

You can get support for:

Why choose me and not… say Eduistic?

  • I have more than eight years of private practice. You know who you are working with.
  • I have attended international conferences on a range of topics around the application of social sciences to different contexts.
  • I have provided consultancy and implemented research for both personal, community and business development.
  • I am the London chapter leader of the nonfiction writers association.

How much does it cost?

Individual coaching session: £90 (online only)
Research project revision: a minimum three-hour charge applies.
Research project development: a different rate/project applies, based on your requirements.

Please note: fees are non-refundable. A coaching process cannot guarantee the outcome of your project, as your skills, knowledge and personal involvement may fluctuate over time, due to factors beyond my control.

Your commitment is the key. The more you invest, the higher the chances for success. 70% of coachees achieve better results compared to their GPA, and 30% notice a surprising boost in their career opportunities after our collaboration.