The Mindset Lab


The Mindset Lab

Evidence-based workshops for you to learn fast, fail safe and feel better.

  • Discover the journey for mindful living and learn to improve the trials of life.
  • Master critical mental skills, better deal with relevant states of mind and achieve greater health, a sense of strength and optimal performance.
  • Engage in reflexive exercises and self-assessments while receiving meaningful peer-to-peer support.
  • Understand how mental representations can shape your personality and predict mental distress.

According to psychological theory, awareness can develop when we rely on the critical skills involved in mental mastery. It’s not enough to know, you need to understand how and when your actions can make a difference.

This is true for all skills, no matter the context to which they are being applied. When it comes to mental balance, it is difficult to feel at your best all the time, as the mental skills involved in self-control are abstract and partially unconscious.

Skill development is a central component in Dialectic and Behavioural Therapy (DBT), where social interactions, mindfulness and acceptance are some of the most important elements to consider for promoting the state of well-being.

Applying mental skills in our day-to-day life can become a daunting task, as distress frequently reminds us of just how far we are from achieving a mindful way of living. For this reason, I created an experimental group approach, where you can learn to master the essential skills through ongoing collaboration. Below you can see the groups I currently run. Each group is focussed on specific mental skills, for approaching both distress (impaired functioning) and wellbeing (mental strength).

The mindset labs are available both online and face-to face, so that you may benefit of affordable quality support no matter where you are. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

The Prevention Trial

Want to become resilient, to better manage your feelings and achieve optimal functioning despite your state of mind? Learn to detect critical interactions between thoughts and feelings as you understand the meaning of distress and recognise the clues for wellbeing. If there’s a will, there’s a way, to feel better. Read more

The Performance Trial

Want to feel productive at work, to stay focused on your studies or to thrive when doing business? The mind is an innate sensitivity to our brain’s potential. Use it or lose it, your development may unfold once you take the challenge. Join us and translate your intentions into fulfilling outcomes. Read more

The Relationships Trial

Want to show commitment, to develop emotional intelligence or to better support your family? Our own assumptions will not become someone else’s rulebook as everyone needs to learn to find their own. Let’s create quality relationships for an authentic life. Read more