Mindset Lab Trials

sparkling-brainWe react to adjust and rarely plan to adapt.

We judge ourselves not knowing how to show compassion towards ourselves.

We question life without finding the answer, forgetting that acceptance is the answer.

According to psychological theory, awareness can develop when we rely on the critical skills involved in mental mastery. For this reason it’s not enough to know, you need to understand how and when your actions can make a difference.

This is true for all skills, no matter the context to which they are being applied. When it comes to mental balance, it is difficult to feel at your best all the time, as the mental skills involved in self-control are abstract and partially unconscious.

Skill development is a central component in Dialectic and Behavioural Therapy (DBT), where social interactions, mindfulness and acceptance are some of the most important elements to consider for promoting the state of well-being.

Applying mental skills in our day-to-day life can become a daunting task, as distress frequently reminds us of just how far we are from achieving a mindful way of living. For this reason, I created an experimental group approach, where you can learn to master the essential skills through ongoing collaboration. Below you can see the groups I currently run. Each group is focussed on specific mental skills, for approaching both distress (impaired functioning) and wellbeing (mental strength).

The mindset labs are available both online and face-to face, so that you may benefit of quality support no matter where you are. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Anxiety trial

The mind is meant to help us feel safe. As we become aware of what is relevant for our growth, we also assume that the effort involved needs to meet a certain standard, no matter where we are. Yet, our mind engages in a faulty learning scenario which makes us fear our companion in some of the most innocuous environments. Read more

Forward Thinking trial

You’ll find a way to make it through. It’s been a while since you might have made a promise to yourself but you know that some things need to change. Yet it’s difficult to set goals, trust yourself and move forward. Read more

Strength-based trial

The mind is nothing but an innate sensitivity to our brain’s potential. Use it or lose it, your development may unfold once we accept the challenge. However the challenge is not always random, most of the time we need to set it up for ourselves. The goal of every psychological intervention is to bring meaningful achievement at reach for the human mind. How could you build strength without knowing what could make you stronger? Read more

Open session

The mind relies on a trial and error system, but failure is seldom experienced in our day-to-day life. Join us on a monthly basis and get familiar with the space where you can learn fast, fail safe and feel better about your mental abilities. Read more