Psychological Counselling

You become enthusiastic, engaged and motivated when you succeed, and react with boredom, disappointment or fulfilment when you don’t. Awareness is a gift of consciousness, bringing the mind into focus so that problems may be approached at the right time.
Whether you are at work, with your family or at a party, your personality will define every reaction. Confidence might help you move forward, while helplessness might hold you back.
By default, the unconscious mind is being shaped by a learning process, creating complex thinking patterns and impulsive emotional reactions that might make you feel as if you are no longer able to do what it takes. Psychological counselling promotes a structured approach to help you improve your thinking and achieve better outcomes in different areas of life.


I provide the following counselling services:

Personal Counselling: Become aware of your mindset and achieve a different level of understanding. Learn to control negative emotions and work on behaviours that will help you better deal with challenging circumstances.

Fee/session: £80 (face-to-face) £45 (online)

Couples Counselling: Improve your relationship, better manage existing constraints, and adjust interpersonal expectations.

Fee/1-to-1 session: £80 (face-to-face) £45 (online)

Fee/couple session: £100 (face-to-face) £60 (online)

Educational Counselling: Increase academic performance and choose the career path according to your interests, skills and overall potential.

Fee/session: £80 (face-to-face) £45 (online)


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