Psychological Counselling

We become enthusiastic, engaged and motivated when we succeed, and react with boredom, disappointment or fulfilment when we don’t. Awareness is a gift of consciousness, bringing the mind into focus so that problems may be approached at the right time.
Whether you are at work, with your family or at a party, your personality will define every reaction. Confidence might help you move forward, while helplessness might hold you back.
By default, your unconscious mind is being shaped by a learning process, creating complex thinking patterns and impulsive emotional reactions that might make you feel as if you are no longer able to find the right solutions for approaching given problems.
Psychological counselling promotes a structured approach to help you improve your thinking and achieve better outcomes in different areas of life.

I provide the following counselling services:
Personal Counselling: Become aware of the nature of your thinking style and achieve a different level of understanding. Learn to control negative emotions and work on behaviours that will help you better deal with problems.
Couples Counselling: Improve your relationship, better manage existing constraints, and adjust interpersonal expectations.
Educational Counselling: Increase academic performance and choose the career path according to your interests, skills and overall potential.

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