As you are facing another crossroad, you might find yourself in a place where your goals need guidance. But you are not lost – after all, you’ve made it this far on your own. And it’s OK to feel hesitant – wise minds can achieve greater mastery in uncertain times.

Only when we face our imperfections we can truly overcome our failures. Slow things down and learn to proceed with purpose. Become aware of new ways to develop your skills, plan effective actions and reach the outcomes you desire.


Throughout the coaching process, you’ll learn how to train your mind to deal with a broad spectrum of psychological reactions. You’ll discover how to avoid the illusions of success, and you’ll learn to move forward despite the burden of distress.


My coaching approach relies on the CBT framework, allowing you to take control of your resources for change, and manage them accordingly. You’ll have the chance to explore your environment using authentic behaviours that you can rely on, so you may feel fully engaged with life, while investing in the right strategy for your own development.


Intervention goals:

  • Achieve a sense of mastery in relevant areas of expertise
  • Learn efficient strategies for decision-making and problem solving
  • Increase productivity with less mental effort
  • Develop a heightened level of awareness and better self-regulation.


Fee/session: £100 (Face-to-face) £65.00 (online)


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