Applied Design Thinking sessions

Would you like to develop a new business venture, to launch an innovative product or to understand how psychological theory may inform your strategy? My approach will help you invest your resources wisely in valuable research, this way saving you the bandwidth needed to strategise when deciding to implement your ideas.

A realistic one-stop solution

Forget about competition analysis, in-depth marketing strategies or endless prototyping sessions (for a while). 🙂 Let this be your starting point for moving on in the right direction.

Creative brainstorming research

Take the latest theories from applied psychology, mix them creatively with insightful activities and you’ll get a reliable design, worth a click, from your early adopters.

A three-step process to make it work

1. Please take some time to fill in the appointment form. It will help you better describe your project.

2. Choose a time slot for a one hour call. Planning an exploratory session will allow us to go through the design thinking process and decide what are the sensitive points that need to be addressed.

3. Apply for a real-time (design thinking) workshop. For two hours, we will challenge your assumptions, refine your strategy and define what is needed, for your ideas to take shape and move forward.

How much does it cost?

I provide an iterative ideation process using the models promoted in the OpenIdeo community.

1. Initial exploratory session: £120
2. Innovation report: £200
3. Ideation workshop: £450 (Including room hire, administrative costs and bringing real people in!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Apply for design thinking

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