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I am a chartered clinical psychologist with over eight years’ experience in providing evidence-based psychological interventions for individuals, charities and companies. On my journey, I have learned to leverage the scientific power of psychology, by conducting meaningful research while providing 1-to-1 interventions for mental health, career transition and business development.


I recommend his services without hesitation, because he is truly involved in finding the right solution for his patients.
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My top 5 values in random order:

honesty, creativity, courage, perseverance, altruism

We are what we know, we become what we are doing – I first started studying psychology out of personal interest, and this might be the best choice I ever made, as authentic motivation can emerge through the concepts we are interested in the most. I like to believe that this profession enabled me to discover, enhance and focus my skills in the right direction. It was sure worth it and I do hope you’ll agree.

  • chartered clinical psychologist specialised in Cognitive-Behavioural psychotherapy, counselling and coaching.
  • Consultant for applied psychology in healthcare, education, business, technology and community development.

Approaching life with a creative mindset – This is the most fulfilling way to express your potential. Everything I learned out of curiosity became much more valuable on the long. When I started studying Psychology, I noticed that it is probably one of the most broadly applied disciplines, and after graduating with an MSc in Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, I decided to train in related fields such as education sciences, human resources (MA), training of trainers, career counselling, project management or innovation management; asuming one day I would get the chance to develop my practice and apply my skills in related fields. After all, the life experience is nothing but an assumption, so let’s make it better!

  • OpenIdeo Chapter Organiser and researcher.
  • Chapter Leader of the Nonfiction Authors Association.

Life’s purpose can be achieved once we respect our calling – There is no such thing as luck, we are meant to discover the opportunities that match our skills. Creating opportunities is what I enjoy the most. It might be something I have learned from struggle, but if I did, it was because I had to move forward on my own. Now, you don’t have to, because I am here for you.

  • Providing 1-to-1 interventions, for professional development, self-growth and mental health.
  • Developed group interventions for applied design thinking, group coaching and community change.

Life teaches us through both success and failure – But what is failure? Disappointment, burnout, a simple mistake or a lesson learned. A reminder that we need to keep our life in focus. For some time I chose to invest more in what I cared for the most, and that is when I achieved the best outcomes. One can always gain satisfaction out of the challenges that one has to set for oneself. For this reason, the goals I choose to set for myself define my personality.

  • Founder (responsivEbooks): create your legacy, apply now and develop your responsive book.
  • Author: sign up to stay up-to-date with the progress of my upcoming book “Guide Yourself

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