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Cristian A. Nica (Chartered Psychologist)

Providing psychological services for mental strength, better health and life fulfillment

Recognise, control and enhance your mindset. Life is a trial and error process, the brain is always learning more, about yourself. Stay informed, be aware, take the actions that matter now.

Research shows that going through a process of psychological development can make you more productive, resilient and content. If the mind is an expression of our body, enhancing our mental architecture can also help us better deal with stress and prevent disease.

Choose the psychological intervention that works for you

Counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and clinical psychology have evolved to address different human needs. Are you challenged by life circumstances, do you struggle to meet the right objectives or are you dealing with some of the worst mental symptoms and you find it difficult to choose? Take the intervention needs assessment and find out which intervention is right for you.

Travel your “maze” with purpose

The value of every challenge can be discovered at a crossroads. There is a reason for moving forward, as long as you are heading in the right direction. I provide consultancy on applied psychology and designing research for individuals and organisations. Learn how psychology can help you create impactful solutions when developing engaging workplace environments, human-centered projects, or cohesive communities where everyone can thrive.

Uncertainty is all part of the plan

We’ll let science pave the way forward. I’ll be there with an open mind, relying on the latest evidence to help you guide yourself through the unknown. Whether online or face-to-face, through a course or on your own, you are free to learn. I will create the opportunities for you to understand the value of every action.

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Forward-thinking milestones for an authentic life

Live in the present, in the here and now. Forget about the past, move towards a better future. It feels as if our culture developed a cult of time and we can no longer take it for granted.

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Is consciousness not enough?

Nature evolved through a harmonious cycle of experience. We obey the rules of evolution unknowingly, yet being in charge of our own development feels like a better option. Is consciousness not enough and do we really need the will for moving forward?

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We are who we choose to be

It is difficult to endure failure. This is why many people would rather avoid assuming more responsibilities whilst not knowing that they could be teaching an important lesson to themselves. The mind is spontaneously learning from experience through logical assumptions. As Emile Durkheim would say, the search for meaning will never stop.

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Are you Ageing? Take your time

When it comes to ageing, time perception is a sensitive subject. At some point, those who feel old might act as if they were older than their biological age and so adopt a role which changes both their thoughts and daily habits.

But how does that change take place? And how could you prevent it from happening?

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Stay committed to yourself

A recent Forbes article claims that in 2015, on average 86% of people reported making a commitment for self-improvement. At this stage, it is important for us to educate ourselves as self-development becomes a social value in itself. When deciding to engage in a process of self-development you must stay committed.

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